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12 Minute Pilates Slider Workout with Chloe De Winter
Equipment: Sliders (or paper plates, or towels!)

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If you’re missing your pilates reformer while gyms are closed, this 12 minute pilates slider workout is for you. Chloe De Winter is taking us through her favorite slider moves that replicate moves you might do on a reformer. This workout focuses on the lower body and core, but works your whole body. Watch and follow along! Full workout below. #pilatessliderworkout #pilatesworkout #wellandgood

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Pilates Slider Workout:
Squat Warm-Up
Lateral lunges with reach x 15
Lateral scooter x 15
Curtsy lunge x 15
Arms up pulses x 15
Slow mountain climbers x 10
Knee in to side plank twist x 10
Repeat other side
Plank to pike x 10

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